22K Black Cherry Gelato Vape 1g
Vape Pens Cartridge
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Made in small batches using rich cannabis oil and high quality cannabis terpenes. A consistent benchmark of 90% THC packed with flavor, it is often the strongest medication on the shelf of any shop. Highest quality delivery system using CCELL hardware, and triple testing by third party labs to ensure quality product. A go to for patients coping with chronic pain, and conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Cancer and Neuropathy. The high potency also offers a great experience for heavy users that need a discrete and tasty way to medicate on the go. Black Cherry Gelato is a velvety smooth Black Cherry flavor. A subtle sour sweet taste and earthy cherry aromas lead into a very deep and relaxed vibe.
CBD: 0
THC: 93.63
MG: 0
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