22K Black Cherry Gelato POD 1g
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NEW Same premium oil now available in high airflow vape pod! Compatible with Vfire magnetic battery. Black Cherry Gelato is a velvety smooth Black Cherry flavor. A subtle sour sweet taste and earthy cherry aromas lead into a very deep and relaxed vibe. Made in small batches using rich cannabis oil and high quality cannabis terpenes. A consistent benchmark of 90% THC packed with flavor, it is often the strongest medication on the shelf of any shop. Triple testing by third party labs to ensure quality product. A go to for patients coping with chronic pain, and conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, Cancer and Neuropathy. The high potency also offers a great experience for heavy users that need a discrete and tasty way to medicate on the go. Flavors Skunk Sweet Blueberry
CBD: 0
THC: 91.63
MG: 0
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